This is what the day has in store for you:

9.00 - Coffee, fruit, pastries and registration
9.30 - Introduction and overview
10.00 - Creating the life of your dreams
10.15 - Business basics in 5 minutes
10.20 - Scientific Marketing - the quintessence of Success

11.00 - Coffee break (teas, juices, fruit etc also provided)
11.15 - Summary of the Business Models
11.25 - Key skills part 1:
      Website creation
      Google Adwords
      Search term research
      Bid price research
      Customer surveys
      Building a relationship with automated email

1.00 - Lunch

2.00 - Key Skills part 2
      The Numbers you need to know
      Testing and Tracking
      Search Engine basics
      Making Blogs work for you
      Web based Press Releases
      Taking Credit Card payments
      The painless way to set up a Shopping cart
3.30 - The three main business models

4.00 - Tea (etc) break
4.15 - Q&A
4.30 - Creating your first project
4.45 - Creating the plan
5.00 - Keeping the plan on track
5.15 - Questions and Summary

You can get the keys to a life where you choose when to work, where to work, what to work on, and how much you will earn, for a tuition fee of only £497.

Many of my pupils are getting sales of more than that in a single day within three months of putting these techniques and strategies into action (much sooner than that in some cases).

And don't lose sight of the fact that, even at this price, you're not risking a penny - If you're not clear that you are getting outstanding value for your investment by the time we break for lunch, I'll give you a full refund - You'll have got the morning's session free of charge, and I'll even buy you lunch!

That figure includes VAT by the way,
so if you're VAT registered, you'll effectively be paying only £422.98

Continental breakfast, refeshments and three-course Lunch are included.

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